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We pay top dollar for seller financed notes secured by real estate. CLP investments has the most seasoned and experienced underwriters in the business.  

We can customize a transaction to fit your needs. Everyone at CLP investment is ready to assist you in finding a solution that will be right for you.

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Why Sellers sell their Notes
The reasons why Sellers sell their note is the large lump sum of cash that they receive right away, rather than receiving small monthly payments. Think of the things that you could do with a sudden large amount of money. You could pay off existing debt, go on vacation, buy a new car, do some home improvement, pay or save for children's college, invest it into something else, etc.

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Quotes by Phone
Call 1-800-884-1796.
One of our representatives is waiting to assist you and give you a quote in no time.

Quotes by Online
You can put your information online 24hr. One of our respresentatives will email you or call with a quote shortly.

Note Appraisal
When you need to determine the current market value of a seller financed note, we can quickly and confidentially provide you with a professional note appraisal.

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